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Website created by Maame and Tessa

Free Stuff

The fun way to save $$$$!

Reduce your disposal fees and purchase fees!

Groton Free Stuff
A new way to recycle
(and find what you're looking for)

Come join this internet group, which facilitates the free exchange of items between people in the Groton area. Give away the things you donít want, and request the things that you are looking for. This process saves us all money in multiple ways (purchase, shipping, disposal fees), gives new use to unwanted items, saves the town money by reducing waste disposal costs, and helps the environment by reducing waste.

And itís fun!

Items that people have given away include air conditioners, exercise bikes, computers, kiddie pools, ski equipment, dog houses, construction materials, futon framesÖ

To join, enter your email address in the field below, click Yahoo Groups Join Now!,  then follow the steps in the pages that appear to subscribe.

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