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Don't forget to reuse whenever possible!!!!


Keep these materials together clean and dry and
separate from commingled containers.

  • All paper and cardboard must be clean & dry

  • Junk mail - Plastic windows okay

  • Boxboard - Cereal, shoe, cracker boxes, etc.  Remove plastic liners

  • Newspapers/inserts

  • Magazines/catalogs

  • Paper bags

  • White and colored office paper

  • Computer paper

  • Corrugated cardboard - Flatten

  • Paperbacks and phone books - Remove covers

No soda or beer holders/cartons.
No waxed paper or waxed cardboard.
No pizza boxes or wrapping paper.

Why not?



Keep these materials together and separate from paper.

If you have curbside service, these containers can
be put into one container.

If you have a transfer station or drop-off center,
check with them for your local separation requirements.

  • Glass bottles/jars, only clear, green, or brown, less than 2 gallons - Labels, lids, corks, neck rings, etc. are ok.

  • Aluminum, tin/steel cans and lids and aluminum foil - Labels are ok.

  • Milk & juice cartons (tent top), drink boxes - Remove straws & caps, flatten. Remove plastic liners.

  • Plastic bottles, jars, tubs and microwave trays/containers - Remove caps, lids, pumps and wraps. Labels and detergent spouts may be left on.

No light bulbs, window or auto glass, dishes, glasses, Pyrex, ceramics, or broken glass. No paint or aerosol cans or other metal objects. No plastic bags, containers over 2 gal., motor oil jugs, chemical or Styrofoam containers or flower pots.

Why not?


Tips for Recycling Other Materials


recycling tip

Rechargeable Batteries

Most Radio Shacks and nat'l hardware chains have free recycling programs or contact your recycling coordinator.


Goodwill and Salvation Army take clothes, draperies, etc.


Donate to libraries. Some book stores buy used books.

Wire Hangers

Accepted by many dry cleaners in the region. May be accepted in scrap metal locally.

Plastic Bags

Recycled at some area supermarkets.

Polystyrene "Peanuts"

Some package shipping businesses will accept these for re-use.


For more information about materials recycled in your community, click here
or visit or call 1-800-clean-up.